Bears Back Down (Again) After Trademark Claim

Bears Back Down (Again) After Trademark Claim

by Jerry Glover

September 14, 2017

Who knew that a college football team could “defeat” an NFL pro team—twice? Well, not only did the University of California recently beat the Chicago Bears over a trademark claim, but the University of Arizona did the same thing as well.

This season the Bears decided to make #GoBears their Twitter handle. When you typed the hashtag in, the Chicago Bears logo appeared. But it doesn’t seem anyone in the Bears front office checked to see if that tag might cause legal problems. Shortly after premiering the hashtag, the University of California, whose football team is called the Golden Bears, contacted the Bears via Twitter and politely told them that tag was taken. You see, the University of California holds a federal trademark registration for the phrase “Go Bears”. So, the Bears backed off and no longer use the tag.

A similar problem arose when the Bears tried to use the hashtag #BearDown last year. The University of Arizona owns a federal trademark registration for that phrase.

Looks like it’s back to the trademark drawing board for the Bears. Hope they have better luck on the football field this season!

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