Instagram Requires Tag Added to Influencer Postings

Instagram Requires Tag Added to Influencer Postings

by Jerry Glover

June 15, 2017

Social media “influencers” have become more and more important to companies trying to reach the millennial audience (or younger). Influencers are usually paid (with money or product) to speak well of a company’s output.

The entertainment industry web site, “The Wrap”, reports that influencer accounts with more than 100,000 followers can earn about $800 per post. That site added that Kim Kardashian with her 101 million followers can earn up to $500,000 for sharing a post. Influencers have become a commercial phenomenon and that’s why the Federal Trade Commissions has issued endorsement guidelines (we have written about them here). They’re called guidelines and therefore they would seem to be only “suggestions”; but the FTC has used them to fine companies and influencers which do not follow their tenants. The guidelines basically require influencers and the companies they speak on behalf of to reveal that the influencer is receiving some type of consideration for his/her postings and the identity of the company that’s paying him/her.

Social media companies may also have their own requirements for making sure influencers reveal that they are receiving compensation of some sort from companies they promote. Instagram has just announced its entry into this field. When a commercial relationship exists between a creator such as an influencer and a business, the influencer must now add the following post immediately following the influencer’s name the following:

“Paid partnership with” followed by a tag to the business partner’s account

Below are examples of how this new requirement would look on an Instagram posting.

Using this tool provides the influencer and business partner with access to Insights for that post which allows them both to see how followers are engaging with the post.

Instagram has promised that it will launch an official policy and enforcement in the coming months.

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